At the start of the 25th Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) in 2019, festivalgoers were surprised with knitwear that beautified the streets of Oudtshoorn overnight. Everything from trees to pillars, cars and other objects were made beautiful by the creative crochets from Oudtshoorn residents participating in the new town initiative, ReWOLusie.

The town was decorated once again in 2020, even though the KKNK was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

ReWOLusie is a community initiative and brainchild of Madeleine Miles, supported by the KKNK. It brings Oudtshoorn residents together for a project everyone can participate in and contribute to the annual festival in this way. Individuals, businesses, schools, retirement homes and churches participated in this community project. Everyone can get involved. The ReWOLusie team also visited schools and farming communities to teach people how to crochet and knit. 

Blankets were distributed through the winter of 2020 to residents of Helen Bellinghanhof, Coronation Memorial, Eljada Aftercare, ACVV De Rust and individuals in need. The Oudtshoorn Hospital and Toekomsrus Clinic received blankets to distribute to mothers with new-borns. It also helped to identify distress in churches and in the community and as a result blankets were distributed in Dassie Road. 


Blankets crocheted and knitted for ReWOLusie were also made available for bartering. Residents could exchange two or three warm winter blankets for a crocheted blanket. As a result, almost three times more blankets were collected, of which some were donated to the boys at Huis Triomf and the Oudtshoorn School of Skills

During the 10th kykNET Fiëstas the ReWOLusie project was awarded with a special prize for innovation.



Donations from various organisations, businesses and individuals make the wool and knitting needles available to anyone who wishes to participate.


The knitting produced in this project is donated to children and persons in need to see them through the cold Oudtshoorn winter months.


ABSA told the stories of the women involved in this project by creating a limited-edition coffee table book that showcases their inspiring stories, work, and patterns. "ABSA’s partnership with Kunste Onbeperk and the community, through the Oudtshoorn ReWOLusie project, empowers women and develops their skills through crochet and knitting," says David Wingfield, Absa's head of marketing. This beautiful coffee table book can be ordered from the KKNK and couriered nationwide.


There are several ways you or your business can become involved in ReWOLusie:

Donate wool, or funds to purchase wool

Knit something yourself and send us your knitting


Become part of the ReWOLusie! Contact Daleen Witbooi on 044 203 8600 for more information, send an e-mail to, or visit